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Felt like drawing this cutie.
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The Pokemon fandom is one of the largest and most creative fandoms on Tumblr. With an anime, multiple movies, and a series of games in the hands of talented bloggers, our fandom is graced with a ton of beautiful gifs, graphics, and edits! So what if we had a tag to put all these great posts?
Well, I’d like to introduce #pokegraphic! A new tag dedicated for these original gifs/edits! This tag can be useful for bloggers to have their posts seen and to find posts to reblog.
However, this tag will only work if we all make sure to:
Only tag your own original gifs, edits, or graphics. No reposting of others’ hard work!!
Keep anything that’s not an edited gif, gifset, edit, or graphic out of the tag.
Make sure that all single gif posts are edited and are more than just simple changes in brightness/contrast, etc. 
Other fandoms already have their own form of this tag (#studioghibligif, #gotgif #hpgif, #snkgraphic, etc.), and I know we can too! So I hope that we can all start using this tag together as a fandom and one day have a fantastic tag that we can all enjoy!scolipede, azumakill, cheekrub, toasty-coconut and I encourage you to make your own Gif Edits and tag them using #pokegraphic   !

pokemon-global-academy, pokemon-personalities also encourage you to use the tag #pokegraphic    !!!
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